Excited about OUYA

I’ll admit it, I’m quite excited about the OUYA. Compared to the AAA cruise liners, piloted by marketing department budgets, give me the speeds boats, yachts, RIBs, kayaks and coracles of the mobile and indie marketplaces any day.

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Titanoboa: Monster Snake Game

This post is about the recent experience I gained in creating a game for a public event which included an incredibly large projected display of the game itself. My insight is about the game development of course, the event production, staging, organizing, funding, marketing and everything else was a job undertaken by many people from […]

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Writing, on an iPad, on a train, with a Keyboard

On a long train journey recently, I decided to take my iPad, for reading mostly. I then thought it would be a good amount of time to do some writing too, but certainly not if I was using the onscreen keyboard! So I got myself an Apple Bluetooth keyboard and this is how it stacked […]

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Fixing Bugs – The QA Process

If you’re creating a game that anyone except you is going to play, at some point it will need some Quality Assurance (QA) testing. This could be anything from a several month long period of formal testing and bug fixing, to getting your boyfriend to play your game for an evening and give you some […]

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